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June 16, 2011

Are You Prepared for a Possible Pandemic?

While phenomena such as the plague might come to mind when you think of a pandemic – we have seen outbreaks of the Avian Flu or H1N1 in recent years which are examples of why there should be some cause for concern.

There is less you can do once a pandemic or global outbreak takes flight, there are however plans you can put in place to help prevent the spread of illness and to prepare should a pandemic begin. Even common strains of influenza can sweep through an organization and cause employees to miss work, slowing productivity and the effectiveness of the organization. Prevention becomes the critical method to reduce or eliminate pandemic-related issues for your company.

Typically common colds and the flu are most prevalent during the winter, so now, while the threat is low, is the perfect time to perfect your pandemic preparedness plan. provides a selection of resources for individuals and businesses on preparing for pandemics, as well as preventing seasonal illnesses in general.

Pandemic Preparedness” provides employees with instructions on how to prepare and utilize a pandemic preparedness plan, while providing an understanding on what pandemics are and the impact they have on people and organizations.

Wellness: The Five Things You Need to Know About the Flu” provides techniques anyone can employ to avoid the getting sick with the flu. If everyone does what they can to protect themselves, the odds are better for the illness not to spread throughout a company. This course provides explanation on differentiating between the common cold and the flu and ways you can keep yourself healthy throughout the cold/flu season.

Train your employees on cold/flu prevention techniques and get prepared before the cold/flu season hits.

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