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Win More Business with MasteryTCN as your eLearning Provider™

Today's employers are interested in working with fewer vendors wherever possible. To become the obvious choice for your potential clients, you can and should add eLearning training content to your offerings. MasteryTCN offers your organization access to online learning content from industry-leading content developers on a single courseware platform. Whether you offer professional development and business skills courses, compliance-based regulatory materials or anything in between, those offerings are ready to become part of an online or blended learning program.

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Increase User Loyalty Toward Your Talent Management Platform

Adding training content to your talent management offerings is a way to deepen customer commitment to your services. Greater loyalty and retention among your base of subscribers creates security around your bottom line. Furthermore, with the ability to add and update training materials, you can stay relevant over time. With the right elearning provider, your customers won't have to look beyond your offerings to get what they require, even as their HR needs change.

Through a MasteryTCN partnership, you can offer:

  • ● High-quality training content on every relevant topic.
  • ● Flexible content plans to allow for the addition of new materials over time and no need to work with multiple providers.
  • ● Support for mobile learning alongside desktop PC use, with many browsers and device types supported.

Receive Support Around Your Training Offerings

It's easy to get your own sales personnel up to speed on the MasteryTCN library — they gain access to the online training materials as soon as your organization becomes a channel partner. From there, you can use collateral provided by MasteryTCN to show customers the benefits of working with you as both a talent management platform and a training provider.

You will also receive support in the design and creation of your training offerings from clients with assistance picking relevant materials from among the thousands in the network and may use example content bundles and starter packs to get up to speed immediately.

Team Up for Improved Marketing and Promotion

Adding training content to your offerings when you become a channel partner can be a great promotional opportunity for your company. For example, when your talent management platform first adds the training content, you can:

  • ● Send out a custom email announcement or press release and add the MasteryTCN logo to your website's "Partners" page.
  • ● Promote the new offerings through social media posts and co-branded videos and white papers.
  • ● Design a custom digital course catalog.

There's no need to stop marketing your addition of training materials once your new offerings are in place. Ongoing marketing options include:

  • ● Creating blog posts for your website highlighting top training offerings.
  • ● Posting guest blog articles to industry hubs, written by your team members or MasteryTCN personnel.
  • ● Co-hosting webinars to instruct current and potential customers on the value of training content as part of talent management.

Become Part of a Valued Network of Partners

By offering a frequently updated selection of video-based learning and development materials, you can entrench yourself in the talent management space.

With the EverySeat Licensing Program, you are rewarded for you success as a channel partner. You can set your own targets and forego the classic royalty and pipeline reports, as well as true-ups. Learn more about this program by reaching out to us.

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There isn't just one ideal kind of channel partner, and the MasteryTCN network currently contains the following and more:

  • Cloud-based talent management systems: Adding training to these providers' HR services is a natural expansion of their offerings.
  • HR consulting firms and industry groups: These more traditional providers capitalize on the process of building a training content library.
  • Learning management systems: Companies that offer learning platforms but don't sell training materials can deepen their appeal with a full content library.

Learn more about our current Channel Partners

Our Channel Partners

Whether your company fits one of those descriptions or has another role in which subscribers are interested in having easy access to a library of eLearning content, becoming a MasteryTCN channel partner is the ideal way to deliver learning materials. Choose us as your elearning provider today.