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Welcome current and prospective Content Partners!

To submit content for publishing on our courseware platform, please supply:

Highest quality video: Video files should be the highest quality you can provide and preserve the specs of the original source (ie, same resolution, pixel aspect ratio, frame rate, codec/container, field dominance (if original video is interlaced) etc.). We realize some compression may be necessary but the more quality that can be preserved, the better the final output will be. We will transcode the files as part of our publishing process.

Quiz: An electronic (Word or text) document of quiz questions and answers.

Downloadable Documents: PDF versions (or other electronic documents) for Employer/Trainer guides or other reference documents that relate to the program and are allowed to be included as downloadable resources.

Chapter List: A simple text document listing the titles for each lesson/chapter. If a single, linear video source is provided, please also include the in/out timings for each chapter.

Video Transcript: If you would like your courses to include closed captioning, please include a transcription of the video dialogue in a Word or text file (timecodes are not necessary).

Please note, additional charges may apply if any of the above materials are not provided.