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Why Employee Training and Development is Important for a Company

The employees who make up your company are the lifeblood of your business. Their skills and abilities determine how effective the company is at achieving its goals. It's likely impossible to add every necessary skill to your team by bringing in new personnel. There's also no need — employee training and development materials today are better than ever.

When you work with the MasteryTCN™ training content library, purchased through one of our human resource information systems (HRIS) channel partners, you gain access to a deep reserve of video-based e-learning courses encompassing technical skills and soft skills. Browse our course listing for more information on our offerings.

Why Should You Prioritize Employee Training and Development?

The decision to invest in training is relatively straightforward: Training can serve several helpful roles, from straightforward skill-building to demonstrating a company's commitment to individual professional development.

Hard and Soft Skills Are Both Important for Today's Workers

Hiring employees who have both the exact technical knowledge for complex roles and highly developed interpersonal communication abilities is a difficult, lengthy process. You can and should embrace the fact that training exists for every type of skill imaginable, and investing in these courses can turn your employees into well-rounded professionals, effective now and primed for advancement.

Every facet of your company's performance, progress and competitiveness, from the brand's public-facing customer service attitude to internal teams' ability to design, market and sell new products, will be determined by the collective abilities of the people within.

Regulatory Compliance and Workplace Safety Are Musts

Some training is not just useful from a performance improvement perspective — courses tied to regulatory bodies such as OSHA, are essential for getting your workers in line with industry rules to avoid fines and penalties. In addition, more general workplace safety lessons can assist your team members in maintaining safe, healthy and secure work environments.

Since regulations change over time and hiring is an ongoing process, it is necessary to keep up with safety and compliance training methods. This entails adding new course offerings that reflect revised laws and booking sessions for new workers.

Employees Want Opportunities For Advancement and Growth

While training and development programs are important parts of orientation and onboarding, some of the most useful applications of training may come after the fact. Ongoing employee education imparts new information and may appeal to workers' desire to increase their personal knowledge over time. Ongoing training, especially optional programs, can fulfill this preference and boost employee engagement and retention.

When your employees feel they are stuck in their present roles, they may actively look for work elsewhere while engagement and morale suffer. While some leaders may fear offering optional personal development to workers leads to people taking those skills to new jobs, it's worse to withhold support for individuals who want to improve themselves.

What Type of Training Content is Ideal for Today's Employees?

The case for investment in training content is clear, but not all learning and development programs are equally effective. MasteryTCN's library of content is entirely made up of video-based e-learning, as this method has proven to help employers and employees alike get results. Ideal training for today's workforce blends learning with ease of use and convenience. The following are a few specific qualities to look for:

Access Across Operating Systems and Devices

MasteryTCN's library of content simply works everywhere, every time, preventing frustration at all levels. There is no standardization in today's office technology landscape, so training content should be universally accessible.

Frequent New Releases and Updates

From changing OSHA regulations to new must-know technology skills that reflect recent breakthroughs, there are many developments driving demand for updated training materials. Accessing new modules via a training content network is a more sustainable approach than buying one-off courses which may become outdated.

Interactive Digital Features

Online learning boasts many convenient features, letting you digitally extend courses to new hires, train employees at locations around the world and allow employees to complete customized learning plans affordably. When embracing such a digital model, interactive assessments and quizzes help you track completions and ensure employee retention of information.

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