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Become a Content Partner: Benefits of Selecting MasteryTCN™ to Resell Online Training Courses

MasteryTCN's channel partners (human resource information systems, or HRIS, vendors) are eager to increase their appeal to corporate clients, and are looking for training content such as yours. With promotional muscle behind each new release and the ability to reach new market segments, your company gains visibility without losing control of content or intellectual property — that’s why you should join MasteryTCN as a content partner.

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Why should you join MasteryTCN™?

The advantages of joining MasteryTCN build on one another and help your offerings stand out in the increasingly crowded and oversaturated online training space. The positives include the following:

Gain Access to Corporate Training Markets

Employers today often avoid buying training content piecemeal by dealing directly with vendors, turning to HRIS providers to equip them with learning management systems or deliver training modules through a general talent management system.

The preference for all-in-one relationships is most pronounced among large corporations, potentially putting these large-scale contracts out of reach for your offerings if you sell directly. Many HRIS companies are MasteryTCN channel partners, reselling tailored packages of training content to their corporate clients and providing an avenue for you to reach the large buyers.

Distribute Device- and Platform-Agnostic Content in Approved Formats

Formatting, packaging and testing the content for all the platforms used in offices today is a costly and time-consuming process and providing top-quality support for the finished content is another drain on resources.

Furthermore, standards and formats are always evolving in the world of video-based training content. When you work with MasteryTCN, your content is authored on our platform and works across all operating systems and device types.

Take Advantage of Promotional and Marketing Assistance

Releasing a new piece of content is a pivotal moment to make potential buyers take notice. MasteryTCN supports the marketing and public relations of your content, saving time and internal budget.

Beyond MasteryTCN's visibility-building campaigns for your courses at launch and on an ongoing basis, the network's connections and experience within the training industry can help match your materials with ideal users.

Discover New Potential Markets

Sometimes, reaching a new niche market is a perfect way to make your content more popular and profitable, virtually overnight. The question then becomes how to make this connection between your brand and potential buyers. How large is your search footprint or organizational visibility?

In many cases, the ideal buyers for your content may not be interested in buying courses one by one. In such situations, taking advantage of the MasteryTCN partner program makes eLearning courses more visible and appealing.

Maintain Intellectual Property Control

When you join MasteryTCN, the courses you develop are still under your control, with added intellectual property protection from our team. The training content network facilitates connections with audiences, without compromising your ability to craft ideal learning experiences.

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Why Are We Looking for Partners?

At MasteryTCN, we are always looking for new, high-quality video-based courses to add to our current offerings and expand the appeal of our network to new companies, regions and sectors. Becoming a content partner is a mutually beneficial relationship, giving greater visibility to your materials and boosting our ability to work with an ever-growing group of HRIS providers.

By coming aboard as a content partner, you help a growing audience of brands find and appreciate the materials you have spent time, effort and funds creating. When you entrust us with distribution, promotion, support, standardization and other essential tasks, you can refocus your efforts on your core business function — content creation.

Reach out to learn more about the benefits and advantages of becoming a content partner today.

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