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computer applications and computer skills

Take your computer skills to the next level with training

With technology changing so quickly, it is vital employees understand how their systems work and how to adapt quickly to updates. Using these Computer Skills video training courses keeps you updated on Microsoft and Windows software. Most of these courses present lessons on specific features/areas of the different Microsoft programs, making it easy for you to get the training specific to your needs.

Courses cover the wide range of capabilities of Microsoft programs, including Access, Excel, Office, PowerPoint and Word. There are also courses to guide users through basic Windows features. These courses help employees become more efficient Microsoft Office users; there are so many features and tools most users never utilize. Get the most out of your computer office applications by applying the lessons learned in these courses.

Course Listing by Topic: Occupational Skills: Computer Skills

Title Format Product ID
Cyber Security Awareness Part 1: Why You Should Care sonicsaw_vod
Cyber Security Awareness Part 2: Social Engineering sonicsap_vod
Cyber Security Awareness Part 3: Malware sonicsam_vod
Cyber Security Awareness Part 4: Password Management sonicsaa_vod
Cyber Security Awareness Part 5: Internet And Physical Security sonicsai_vod
Data Security Compliance: Avoiding Inadvertent Disclosure itunaidi_vod
Data Security Compliance: Data Breaches and ID Theft itundbit_vod
Data Security Compliance: Device Security Basics itundsba_vod
Data Security Compliance: Physical and Technical Safeguards itunptsa_vod
Legal E-Mail And Text Messaging At Work tabclemt_vod
Microsoft Access 2010: Building the Structure of a Database soniabsd_vod
Microsoft Access 2010: Controlling Data Entry soniacde_vod
Microsoft Access 2010: Creating Effective Reports soniacer_vod
Microsoft Access 2010: Creating Flexible Queries soniacfq_vod
Microsoft Access 2010: Customizing Reports soniacre_vod
Microsoft Access 2010: Designing Forms soniadfo_vod
Microsoft Access 2010: Generating Reports soniagre_vod
Microsoft Access 2010: Getting Started with Access Databases soniagsw_vod
Microsoft Access 2010: Improving Forms soniaifo_vod
Microsoft Access 2010: Joining Tables soniajta_vod
Microsoft Access 2010: Maintaining an Access Database soniamaa_vod
Microsoft Access 2010: Managing Data in a Table soniamdi_vod
Microsoft Access 2010: Querying a Database soniaqda_vod
Microsoft Access 2010: Sharing Data Across Applications soniasda_vod
Microsoft Access 2010: Simplifying Tasks with Macros soniastw_vod
Microsoft Access 2010: Structuring Existing Data soniased_vod
Microsoft Access 2010: Writing Advanced Queries soniawaq_vod
Microsoft Access 2013: Getting Started with Access sonia13gs_vod
Microsoft Excel 2010: Analyzing Data sonieada_vod
Microsoft Excel 2010: Analyzing Data Using PivotTables, Slicers, and PivotCharts sonieadu_vod
Microsoft Excel 2010: Auditing Worksheets sonieawo_vod
Microsoft Excel 2010: Calculating Data with Advanced Formulas soniecda_vod
Microsoft Excel 2010: Collaborating with Other Users soniecou_vod
Microsoft Excel 2010: Getting Started with Excel soniegse_vod
Microsoft Excel 2010: Importing and Exporting Data sonieied_vod
Microsoft Excel 2010: Inserting Graphic Objects sonieigo_vod
Microsoft Excel 2010: Integrating Excel Data with the Web sonieidw_vod
Microsoft Excel 2010: Managing an Excel Workbook soniemew_vod
Microsoft Excel 2010: Modifying a Worksheet soniemaw_vod
Microsoft Excel 2010: Modifying the Appearance of a Worksheet soniemap_vod
Microsoft Excel 2010: Organizing Worksheet and Table Data sonieowt_vod
Microsoft Excel 2010: Performing Calculations in an Excel Worksheet soniepce_vod
Microsoft Excel 2010: Presenting Data Using Charts soniepdu_vod
Microsoft Excel 2010: Printing Excel Workbooks soniepew_vod
Microsoft Excel 2010: Streamlining Workflow sonieswo_vod
Microsoft Excel 2010: Structuring Workbooks with XML sonieswx_vod
Microsoft Excel 2010: Working with Multiple Workbooks soniewmw_vod
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 1.1: Getting Started sonie16gs_vod
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 1.2: Performing Calculations sonie16pc_vod
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 1.3: Modifying a Worksheet sonie16mw_vod
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 1.4: Formatting a Worksheet sonie16fw_vod
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 1.5: Printing Workbooks sonie16pw_vod
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 1.6: Managing Workbooks sonie16ma_vod
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 2.1: Working with Functions sonie16wf_vod
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 2.2: Working with Lists sonie16wl_vod
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 2.3: Analyzing Data sonie16ad_vod
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 2.4: Visualizing Data with Charts sonie16vd_vod
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 2.5: Using PivotTables and PivotCharts sonie16up_vod
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 3.1: Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks sonie16wm_vod
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 3.2: Using Lookup Functions and Formula Auditing sonie16ul_vod
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 3.3: Sharing and Protecting Workbooks sonie16sp_vod
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 3.4: Automating Workbook Functionality sonie16aw_vod
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 3.5: Creating Sparklines and Mapping Data sonie16cs_vod
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 3.6: Forecasting Data sonie16fd_vod
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 4.1: Preparing Data and Creating Pivot Tables sonie16pd_vod
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 4.2: Analyzing Data by Using PivotTables sonie16pt_vod
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 4.3: Working with PivotCharts sonie16wp_vod
Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows 7: What's New in Access 2010? soniwnac_vod
Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows 7: What's New in Excel 2010? soniwnex_vod
Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows 7: What's New in Office 2010? soniwnof_vod
Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows 7: What's New in Outlook 2010? soniwnou_vod
Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows 7: What's New in PowerPoint 2010? soniwnpp_vod
Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows 7: What's New in Windows 7? soniwnw7_vod
Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows 7: What's New in Word 2010? soniwnwo_vod
Microsoft Office 365: Calendar sonimo365ca_vod
Microsoft Office 365: Delve sonimo365de_vod
Microsoft Office 365: Excel Online sonimo365eo_vod
Microsoft Office 365: First Steps sonimo365fs_vod
Microsoft Office 365: Mail sonimo365ma_vod
Microsoft Office 365: Mobile sonimo365mo_vod
Microsoft Office 365: OneDrive sonimo365od_vod
Microsoft Office 365: OneNote Online sonimo365on_vod
Microsoft Office 365: People sonimo365pe_vod
Microsoft Office 365: PowerPoint Online sonimo365pp_vod
Microsoft Office 365: SharePoint Sites sonimo365sp_vod
Microsoft Office 365: Skype For Business sonimo365sb_vod
Microsoft Office 365: Sway sonimo365sw_vod
Microsoft Office 365: Tasks sonimo365ta_vod
Microsoft Office 365: Video sonimo365vi_vod
Microsoft Office 365: Word Online sonimo365wo_vod
Microsoft Office 365: Yammer sonimo365ya_vod
Microsoft Outlook 2013: Getting Started with Outlook 2013 sonio13gs_vod
Microsoft Outlook 2016 Level 1.1: Getting Started with Outlook sonio16gs_vod
Microsoft Outlook 2016 Level 1.2: Formatting Messages sonio16fm_vod
Microsoft Outlook 2016 Level 1.3: Working with Attachments and Illustrations sonio16wa_vod
Microsoft Outlook 2016 Level 1.4: Customizing Message Options sonio16cm_vod
Microsoft Outlook 2016 Level 1.5: Organizing Messages sonio16om_vod
Microsoft Outlook 2016 Level 1.6: Working with Contacts sonio16co_vod
Microsoft Outlook 2016 Level 1.7: Working with the Calendar sonio16ca_vod
Microsoft Outlook 2016 Level 1.8: Working with Tasks and Notes sonio16wt_vod