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Scaffolding and lifts safety training

Prep workers with scaffolding safety training before they climb

Thousands of scaffolding-related injuries occur each year. To help prevent this large number of injuries, OSHA requires construction workers to be trained in scaffolding assembly and disassembly, scaffold placement, handling of materials while working on a scaffold, and prevention of falls.

Before a worker uses scaffolding, they must be trained on the relevant rules and safety procedures. These training courses supply proper training on techniques for the use of scaffolding, as well as fall prevention and protection. With training courses covering topics such as, Aerial Work Platforms, OHSA Construction Scaffolding Safety, Supported Scaffolding Safety, Suspended Scaffolding Safety and Scissor Lifts in Industrial and Construction Environments, every worker can receive the proper training needed to help lower the number of scaffolding-related injuries each year.

Course Listing by Topic: Safety: Scaffolding and Lifts