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It's Up to You: Stopping Sexual Harassment for Managers

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Sexual harassment is against the law, and can lead to serious consequences for both employees and organizations alike, including loss of jobs and lawsuits. This training focuses on managers and supervisors understanding what sexual harassment is, and how to respond to situations where it may occur.

It is important for managers to have a complete understanding of the definition of harassment, as well as the types of harassment, so they can help prevent it and recognize what constitutes sexual harassment in several situations. This course demonstrates examples of quid pro quo, unwanted advances, inappropriate touching, unexpected harassers, same gender harassment, sexual innuendo harassment, third party quid pro quo, and perceived harassment.

This multimedia presentation helps encourage a healthy workplace. Understanding how these situations can cause a hostile environment is important for putting an end to sexual harassment or prevent further escalation of issues. The training includes many scenarios that may not have been thought of by the trainee. This course helps managers avoid situations in real life scenarios, and respond correctly should they occur.


All managers

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Quid Pro Quo
  • Unwanted Advances
  • Inappropriate Touching
  • The Harasser
  • Same Gender and Sexual Innuendo Harassment
  • Third Party Quid Pro Quo
  • Perceived Harassment
  • Conclusion

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