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Slips Trips and Falls: Restaurants

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Over 1 million people a year end up in the emergency room due to slips, trips, and falls that could have been avoided. Usually a series of events lead up to slip, trip and fall accidents, so it is critical to recognize hazards and remedy them before an incident occurs. Use this online training course to teach your employees how accident awareness and prevention keeps the work environment safer for employees and restaurant patrons.

This training course emphasizes how slips, trips, and falls can occur and the proper ways to respond to accidents in the workplace. Viewers will learn the causes slips, trips, and falls, and how these types of accidents occur in common areas such as: entrances, dining rooms, restrooms, back rooms, service counters, buffet areas, ramps, and stairways. This course disseminates each common area, demonstrating how accidents occur and how they can be prevented. Employees learn how to respond to an accident by assisting the injured person and reporting the incident to a supervisor.

By using this online course, your employees will become knowledgeable about the impact their actions have on the safety of their workplace by looking for obstacles and hazards. Knowing how to prevent and respond to accidents in a professional manner will make all the difference in keeping your employees and customers safe.


Restaurant Employees

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Causes
  • Awareness and Prevention
  • Awareness and Action
  • Conclusion

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