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Applying Customer Service Skills Internally, Government Version

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Customers do not want to be lost in all of the rules government employees are usually required to follow. They simply want to be treated respectfully while having their needs met. The same is true for internal customers. This video-based online training course offers tips on recognizing internal customers opposed to external customers and how the same service steps can be applied to meet the needs of both groups.

Learning to recognize internal customers is the first of the eights steps for providing exemplary internal service. Next customers' needs must be determined, make a plane to meet the identified needs and carry out the plan. Be sure to show the right attitude, follow up with your customer, measure your progress and always be a good customer.

The last thing anyone's wants is to dread going to work and having to deal with co-workers' poor attitudes. It drains morale and production. With this training employees get a blueprint on how to treat each other well, which boosts morale.


All government employees

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Internal Customers
  • Identify Your Customer
  • Determine Customer Needs
  • Make a Plan and Carry it Out
  • Show the Right Attitude
  • Follow Up and Measure Progress
  • Be a Good Customer
  • Customer Grievances
  • Conclusion

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