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Curing Negativity: Creating Positive Attitudes, Government Version

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Attitudes, good and bad, can have a large impact in the workplace. They can influence productivity, morale, and the quality of one's work. Unfortunately, negativity is an attitude growing rapidly; it is also one of the ones with the greatest impact. Negativity and bad attitudes in general, can affect different people in different ways, but regardless of the manifestation, it needs to be recognized and treated so the workplace can function effectively.

This video demonstrates how to recognize problematic attitudes and impact behavior in order to replace new reactions with positive responses. Furthermore, potentially stressful situations must also be tempered so negative attitudes do not manifest due to sheer habit.

Negativity can turn a workplace into a stagnant and hostile environment, one where projects are completed poorly and customers are treated unfairly. Knowing how to recognize negative attitudes is the first step to eliminating them; fight negativity in the workplace with the lessons in this training video, thus ensuring your workplace is a positive one.


All those who work in the government sector

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Types of Negativity
  • Recognize and Take Responsibility for Attitudes
  • Diagnose Attitude and Focus on the Behavior
  • Behavior Impacts Team Goals
  • Acknowledge Underlying Causes
  • Clarify Values
  • Replace Old Reactions
  • Practice New Responses
  • Address Stressful Situations
  • Follow Up and Model Good Behavior
  • Conclusion

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