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Lockout / Tagout Training for Employees

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This online course educates workers about the importance of controlling energy, especially the control of hazardous energy, known as lockout/tagout procedures. This video explains what an Energy Control Program is, as listed by OSHA Standards, and what should be included in your company's plan. The focus of this course is on understanding the importance of knowing your company's procedures for lockout/tagout to isolate an energy source.

Employees who view this video will learn to recognize the various types of energy sources, the importance of recognizing equipment safety devices, and how to recognize lockout and tagout devices. This course explains the basic requirements for a lockout or tagout device and special situations with additional requirements.

Energy of any kind is both important and dangerous. This video course educates viewers to have a better understanding of the safety procedures in place. Workers who understand their company's lockout/tagout procedures help to promote a safer workplace.


People who work around machinery and equipment

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Types of Energy Sources
  • The Energy Control Plan
  • When is Lockout / Tagout Required?
  • Authorized, Affected and Other Employees
  • Lockout / Tagout Devices
  • Energy Control Procedures
  • Special Situations
  • Summary

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