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Delegating tasks and responsibilities to employees and team members is a vital aspect of good management. But knowing when, why, how, and to whom to delegate are skills many managers and team leaders lack.

By pointing out the benefits and outcomes of effective delegation, this course shows leaders how to help others grow in their roles by delegating tasks and duties to them. With an emphasis on the steps and 10 levels of delegation, leaders learn the pitfalls of poor delegation as they acquire the skills for good delegation.

Use this course to help leaders learn how and why effective delegation allows them to convert a short-term investment of time into long term productivity.


Organizational employees and managers whose job responsibilities require delegation of tasks and duties

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Why Don’t People Delegate?
  • What Should You Delegate?
  • Tips And Steps
  • Levels Of Delegation
  • Recap

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