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Back Safety In Industrial Environments

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Back problems are common and can get more severe with age. In fact, over one million back injuries occur in the workplace every year. This back-safety training discusses ways to prevent back issues due to work related reasons.

In the beginning of the training, the parts of the back and spine are explained. This helps the viewer understand the next portions that discuss why having better posture, lifting things correctly, and generally avoiding back injuries are great proactive tools for back care. This training also gives tips on how to take care of your back at home. Many back injuries begin with stress on the spine at home. The practices followed at work, should also be followed at home. This includes carrying children, how we sit, and even sleep.

Keeping the back healthy with prevention and exercise is important. "Bad backs" are a major cause of days missed from work, lost wages and decreased productivity. Help your employees avoid the pitfalls of a back injury with this training on back safety.


Workers in Industrial Environments

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • The Back and How it Works
  • Types of Back Injuries
  • Better Posture for a Healthier Back
  • How to Lift Things Safely
  • Taking Care of your Back 24/7
  • Conclusion

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