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Conflict Resolution In The Office

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When workplace conflicts go unresolved, they can raise stress levels, interfere with business and even lead to physical violence. On the flip side, when handled appropriately conflict can be a source of innovation and positive change. This training focuses on recognizing conflicts that arise in the workplace and how to prevent and solve them.

Understanding the type of conflict, or where it is coming from, makes a lot of difference. Procedural conflict, communication issues, and misunderstandings are just some of the examples of conflict explored in this course. Discussion is a large part of resolution in conflict for all those involved. Sometimes responses can make things worse, so knowing how or what to say is the key. This training goes into the details of resolving conflicts effectively.

Solving conflicts is important for a thriving workplace. Using collaboration and finding common ground is truly important in conflict resolution. Confrontation is difficult for most people. Handling confrontation and diffusing the situation is important in preventing it from getting worse. Use this course to help your team diffuse conflicts before they become a problem.


Office workers

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Understanding Conflict In The Workplace
  • Responses That Can Make Things Worse
  • Resolving Conflicts Effectively
  • How To Handle A Confrontation
  • Conclusion

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