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Eye Safety in Construction Environments

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Roughly 24 million eye injuries occur every year in the U.S., and of those, approximately 2,000 happen every day at work. Hazards to your eyes can be encountered anywhere you work, and particularly at construction sites, so it is important for you to both recognize and know how avoid eye injuries. This course shows you the safe work practices necessary to protect your vision while working in construction.

This course explains a variety of eye hazards and how to prevent them. First up, is eyestrain. While the symptoms of eyestrain are usually temporary, if they persist, there may be something wrong with your eyes themselves. This course shows you some tips to help prevent eyestrain here. Depending on your work environment, there may be even more dangerous threats to your eyes. You may be confronted with flying debris, particles, splashes, and even radiation. While these may pose significant risks to your eyes, some experts have said that up to 90% of eye injuries that occur on the job could be prevented just by wearing the proper eye protection. The eye protection you should wear may vary by the work you do, so it is critical that you know which protection fits your needs.

Of course, even with proper preventative measures in place, an eye injury may still occur. You must know how to react in such a situation, which you will be taught as well. Utilize the information presented here and keep your eyes safe and healthy on the jobsite.


Anyone working in construction

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Preventing Eyestrain
  • Protecting Against Particles and Splashes
  • Avoiding Radiation Hazards
  • What to do in Case of an Eye Injury
  • Conclusion

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