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Driving: Heavy Trucks: Controlling Speed and Direction

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7 to 20 minutes
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It takes special skill and knowledge to safely drive a heavy truck, with or without a trailer. This Video On Demand covers all the basics about controlling a heavy truck. Viewers learn the skills essential to earning commercial driver’s license.

Segments of this video are dedicated to proper vehicle control; backing up with and without a trailer; how and when to shift gears including use of a tachometer, speedometer and engine sounds to know when to upshift or downshift; how to double-clutch; controlling speed when going downhill and around curves by downshifting or using exhaust, engine, hydraulic and electric retarders. While this training video focuses on techniques for maintaining control of rigs with manual transmissions, it also addresses automatic transmissions.

This video is a great training tool for aspiring, new and veteran heavy truck drivers. It includes a quiz to test the driver’s understanding of the essential components presented.


Tractor Trailer Drivers, Big-Rig Drivers, Commercial Driver's License Candidates

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Controlling Your Vehicle
  • Backing
  • Shifting to Control Speed
  • Retarders

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