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Dialogue: Now You're Talking! Communicating in a Diverse World

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26 to 36 minutes
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This training video focuses on giving the viewer tools and guidelines to communicate with a multitude of diverse individuals throughout their work environment. By explaining dialogue within the workplace is not about debating but about listening, the viewer is shown the importance of dialogue-based communication. Through dialogue, this program develops the viewer’s idea of diverse discussion in the workplace.

Dialogue can be anything from debating to discussion. This training program focuses on how listening and creating effective dialogue is more important than most any other form of communication. Dialogue provides each party the chance to explain their sides in a no judgment zone. Instead of defending their personal point of view, this video shows the viewer how to listen and win by creating a universal goal and resolution.

Use this video in the workplace where dialogue is needed to create personal and professional goals.


Those individuals looking to communicate more effectively in a world filled with different people.

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Communication and Understanding
  • Communication Options
  • What Dialogue Isn't
  • What Dialogue Is
  • When to use Dialogue and Why
  • The Three Skills of Dialogue: 1) Suspension
  • The Three Skills of Dialogue: 2) Listening
  • The Three Skills of Dialogue: 3) Discovery
  • The Six Basic Rules of Dialogue

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