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Leadership Capsules: Providing Performance Feedback

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Providing effective performance feedback is essential to helping employees grow and improve. This training video features managers discussing the challenges of providing performance feedback and distinguishing it from performance evaluation. Feedback is the process of communicating about performance that can be improved or that should be sustained. Issues involving human dignity, overcoming fear, being empathetic and establishing an open dialog are explored.

Viewers learn how good feedback is timely, specific, behaviorally oriented and respectful. They are reminded how feedback can be positive, as well as corrective. Additionally, feedback can come not only from an individual’s manager, but also from peers and those the employee serves. This video stresses the importance of opening a two-way conversation about performance, both positive and negative, and problem solving together.

This is a good coaching video to help managers gain sensitivity and awareness about the human dynamics involved in providing performance feedback. It should be viewed by new and veteran managers.


Anyone who has to provide performance reviews

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • The Fear Factor
  • What's Performance Feedback?
  • How Do You Best Provide Performance Feedback?
  • Who Should Provide Feedback To Whom?
  • Performance Feedback & Leadership

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