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Power BI 5: Advanced Techniques For Working With Data

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As more and more big data is being processed more frequently, businesses are realizing the conventional methods can no longer effectively handle it. Power BI is a solution for the data challenge most organizations are facing. As a continuation of the Power BI course series, this course is designed to help Power BI users expand their skills in the preparation of datasets.

This course starts by demonstrating how to extract data from fields and add additional calculated fields. The course explores how you can use Quick Measures to add complex calculations to presentations, and how to create virtual columns with Measures.

Present this course to ensure Power BI users can create more insightful reports by utilizing big data from different data sources.


Employees throughout the organization with a basic understanding of Power BI who create, rely upon, and share data reports and dashboards

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Improve Datasets By Extracting Data From Fields
  • Create Calculated Columns
  • Take Advantage Of Predefined Calculations Using Quick Measures
  • Create Virtual Columns Using Measures

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