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Power BI 6: Publish Reports

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In some of the other courses in this Power BI series, users learn how to create a simple Power BI report including tables and visualizations. As this course shows, Power BI provides an extensive range of possibilities for publishing reports. Based upon the existing reports learners have created, this course presents useful advanced features for extending the report gradually and then publishing it.

Providing supplementary materials so employees can follow along, this course allows users to follow the steps explained by the trainer and then perform them independently in a continuous improvement fashion. This course provides detailed instructions on managing how you share your reports based on roles and users. The course shows you how to use the dashboards to help focus on the most important data in your reports, including how to collaborate with other people on your reports. This course also demonstrates the use of data gateways to securely use local data in cloud services.

Present this course so your Power BI users fully employ the reports features of Power BI to increase the significance and decision-making benefits of their reports.


Employees throughout the organization with a basic understanding of Power BI who create, rely upon and share data reports and dashboards

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Manage Roles And Assign Users
  • From Complex Reports To Clear Dashboards
  • Set Up Alerts For Target Values
  • Commenting On Reports And Dashboards
  • Use Data Gateways To Access Local Data Safely
  • Optimizing Power BI With Advanced Settings

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