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Building A Lasting Culture Of Safety

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36 to 46 minutes
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In a highly entertaining way of communicating safety, this training focuses on how to be aware of safety and planning to make work safer. Building a culture of safety relies on everyone having an appreciation for the importance of safety, and the long-term consequences of an accident or injury.

Having safety meetings, specifically those providing relevant information people will listen to, is an important step. Which kinds of signage to use, recognizing hazards, and planning for an emergency are all part of building this culture. Using some humor and descriptions in the training video, all the important issues are highlighted.

Everyone must be on board for building a culture of safety, whether it is participating in the drills, evacuation planning, or training. Making sure workers are informed on how to work safely and holding them responsible for following safety rules will help build a culture of safety.


All employees

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Communicating The Importance Of Safety
  • Communicating Safety Issues To Others
  • Effective Use Of Safety Signage
  • Hazard Recognition
  • Emergency Planning Basics
  • Designing An Effective Emergency Action Drill
  • Conducting An Evacuation
  • Proper Accident Investigation Techniques
  • Dealing With Employees Who Refuse To Work Safely
  • Dealing With Drug & Alcohol Abuse

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