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Conflict Resolution

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Conflicts in the workplace are inevitable. And while they are rarely fun, as this course shows, they don’t have to be crippling.

Emphasizing how to address, approach, and then resolve workplace conflicts, this high-energy course first teaches employees how to identify the type of conflict they are involved in and then how to recognize and apply the best strategy for approaching and surviving it. Upon an overview of the four responses to conflicts (ignore the conflict, bargaining, smoothing, and third-party arbitration), employees learn how to impose a solution and realize that sometimes unpopular decisions are needed.

Present this course so managers and employees understand when, why, and how to address, approach, and resolve conflicts without causing further disruption or damage to workflow and workplace relations.


Managers, leaders, and employees at all levels in all industries and types of companies.

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Strategies For Approaching (and Surviving) Your Next Conflict
  • Louder Isn’t Always Better
  • The Role Of Silence In Conflict Resolution
  • The Role Of Personal Space In Conflict Resolution
  • Seeing Things From Other People’s Point Of View
  • The Role Of Apologizing In Conflict Resolution
  • Three Strategies, One Right Answer

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