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Collaborative Space Etiquette

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Working effectively in a collaborative environment is not always a straightforward endeavor. You need to be able to create conditions that allow you to work well, while also being respectful of others so they can do the same. This training course explores the common problems employees encounter when working in a collaborative environment.

One of the easiest ways to create a harmonious working environment is to pay attention to the noise you are making. For example, music should be at a respectful level, and if you are taking a private phone call, it should be done in a way where others are not affected. Food, hygiene and lack of common courtesy can also cause problems, and luckily, these matters are easy to address. This training lessons helps employees learn how to work respectfully in an open environment.

Working in a collaborative environment certainly has its advantages, such as easier communication with others who are working on the same project, but it has its difficulties as well. Most of these difficulties, while all too common, are easily corrected. Utilize the information presented here and help create a more harmonious environment for both yourself and those around you.


Anyone working in a collaborative workspace or open office

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Noise Issues
  • Food Issues
  • Hygiene Issues
  • Courtesy Issues

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