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In business and life, being assertive is often misunderstood as being aggressive and offensive. As this course shows, being assertive actually means facing and solving problems through open, thoughtful, and respectful dialogue.

Beginning with an exploration of the meaning and benefits of assertiveness, this course spotlights the different types of behavioral states and reactions we all display when we feel we’re in an adversarial situation. By emphasizing the importance of awareness, of both the situation and the learner’s immediate reaction to it, this course then shows how to transition an emotional reaction into a productive response to resolve the issue and restore or enhance the relationship.

Use this course to help all employees become confident in the content and delivery of unwelcome or uncomfortable communications.


Employees at all levels of an organization

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Be Assertive
  • Fight or Flight
  • Be the Adult
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Be Direct
  • One More Thing

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