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Form Your Virtual Team

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There are unique challenges for managing a virtual team compared to managing a group of people working in the same office. However, with the right communication, technological tools and teamwork you can lead your virtual team to success. This course discusses how to effectively lead a team, whether it is spread around a region, country, or the world.

This leadership training shows you how to set up your virtual team for success. The course explains the importance of clear communication, trust, and how to bridge the physical distance. Differences in cultural norms, physical distance, and time zones can certainly make this process challenging, but the right leader can overcome these challenges.

Use this course to help leaders form more effective and engaged virtual teams.


Anyone who manages a virtual team

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Set Your Team Up for Success
  • Consider Your Team
  • Communicate with Clarity
  • Foster Trust
  • Bridge the Distance
  • One More Thing

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