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Manage Your Career

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A career is more than a job, or even a series of jobs. A career is an intentional pursuit of short-term objectives to meet long-term goals. This online course is designed to provide you with tools and suggestions on how to manage your career.

Before you embark on the next leg of your career journey, it is important to assess where you stand today. There are several key indicators of this, including your personal satisfaction, ethics, values, and financial stability. This course explains how to evaluate these factors and examine your past dreams and aspirations to determine a course of action.

To be contented in your career, you should be using your skills to satisfy your needs and achieve your goals. Of course, you must first know what your skills, needs, and goals are. If you need additional skills, you must also learn how to add them. A far-reaching network is a valuable tool in times of need or change, so it is important to maximize this resource when pursuing your career goals. Utilize the information presented here and learn how to best realize your career aspirations.


Any employee looking to make a career move

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Maximize Opportunities
  • Find Your Location
  • Examine Your History
  • Map Out Needs
  • Add Skills
  • Grow Your Network
  • One More Thing

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