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Tell Your Business Story

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Does anyone really pay attention? When it comes to business presentations, many captive audiences tune out. This training course teaches you how to get your message across by connecting with listeners through telling a personal business story, instead of only presenting facts and figures.

This course explains the elements of storytelling and shows how to develop a business story. This starts with selecting the right story for the right audience and knowing what the main message is. Viewers learn how to begin their story with a compelling statement or question, how to keep their listeners engaged, and why the conclusion must make an impact. Throughout the course examples are given to help viewers understand each phase of the storytelling process.

Take this business storytelling training course to learn how to effectively communicate business information through storytelling.


Everyone who communicates business information to others

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Embed Meaning into Your Goals
  • Capture 4 Elements
  • Design Your Story
  • Determine Your Point
  • Develop Your Hook
  • Include the Setup
  • Map Out the Meat
  • Go Out with a Bang
  • Polish & Tone
  • Tighten Your Story
  • One More Thing

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