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The Components Of Effective Leadership

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Most successful leaders possess a unique combination of skills and personality characteristics they are not born with, so they must consistently work to develop them throughout their careers.

This course spotlights the key skills and characteristics of successful leaders and shows learners how to develop them in themselves. After a review of the competencies and qualities necessary to become a successful leader, this course presents an outline for how to apply them to a leadership role. By showing leaders how to demonstrate excellence in business strategy, develop essential personality characteristics, and build critical people skills, this course guides leaders along their pathway to becoming successful, effective leaders.

Use this course to enable leaders to set a vision, communicate ideas powerfully, and motivate their people to achieve goals.


Organizational leaders at all levels and departments

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Excellence In Business Strategy
  • Essential Personality Characteristics
  • Critical People Skills
  • Summary

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