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Arc Flash Protection and Safe Electrical Work Practices: To The Point

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Electric shock and exposure to an arc flash are the two main electrical risks to electrical industrial workers. This video training discusses training and engineering systems to create a safe work environment.

The course demonstrates how to establish a limited and restricted approach boundary to prevent an electrical shock to non-electrical workers. Establishing an arc flash boundary is explained. Conducting an incident energy analysis from a potential arc source is detailed. The need to wear arc-rated clothing as protection against the massive energy release of an arc flash is stressed. The video training discusses the four levels of personal protective equipment, which provides an increasing level of protection from an arc flash. The use of safety glasses, arc-rated and voltage-rated gloves is covered, as well when workers can wear cotton clothing without further PPE. Lock-out, tag-out procedures, the use of insulated tools, and testing for an absence of voltage is explained.

Use this video to show employees the safe work practices they must follow to prevent electrical shock or injury from an arc flash.


Industrial workers, electrical workers

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Approach Boundaries
  • The Arc Flash Boundary
  • Incident Energy Analysis
  • Arc Flash Protection
  • PPE Categories
  • Creating an Electrically Safe Condition
  • Conclusion

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