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Good Housekeeping: To The Point

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Workplace hazards that can injure or kill employees are prevalent throughout every organization; sometimes they are obvious, like a cord draped across a walkway, but other times, they are less noticeable. In any case, they are preventable when employees have learned how to recognize and control the hazards throughout their facility and how to establish and maintain good housekeeping practices in their respective work areas.

This course shows employees in both office and industrial environments how to maintain a tidy, well-organized work area. The course demonstrates how to recognize, correct, and prevent tripping and slipping hazards, and what precautions to take to prevent workplace fires.

With awareness of these hazards and an understanding of how to correct and prevent them, employees create a safe, healthy workplace environment which translates to increased productivity and performance.


Employees throughout the organization in both industrial and office environments

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • The Importance of Good Housekeeping
  • Maintaining A Tidy and Well-Organized Work Area
  • Tripping Hazards
  • Slipping Hazards
  • Fire Prevention
  • Good Housekeeping in Office Environments
  • Conclusion

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