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Process and Quality Basics

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Customers can share their experiences with your business easier and to a wider audience than ever before, and the experiences they are sharing are about the quality of your company’s goods and services. This video training explores the basics to evaluate and improve quality for your business.

This training explores the background of the business analysis of process and quality. Viewers learn about the key concepts of PDCA cycle. This video explores analysis of manufacturing defects and variations, and the use of control charts.

This video explains the basics of process and quality in the business environment and puts everything in the context of the history of quality and process management.


All employees

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Quality Experiences
  • The Artisan Era
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Enter Statistics: Shewhart's Contributions
  • Japan's Turnaround
  • America Wakes Up
  • TQM to Now (TQM, 6 SIGMA, LEAN)

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