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Bloodborne Pathogens: WSI (Workplace Safety Investigation)- Bloodborne Pathogens

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Safety and precaution against bloodborne pathogens such as HIV and Hepatitis B and C are among the most important safety issues in today's workplace. Taking the necessary precautions against them and knowing how to treat a situation dealing with bloodborne pathogens is indispensible for a safe workplace.

With this step-by-step training video, workers learn that protection against bloodborne pathogens starts with knowledge and awareness. The video informs workers how bloodborne pathogens can be transmitted through blood, saliva, mucus, vomit and other bodily fluids.

Proper protocol for cleaning up a potentially hazardous situation is addressed in the program and workers are informed of necessary cleaners and gear for the process, as well as extending cleaning to any items such as rags that may have been inadvertently contaminated.

The workers' response to a potential outbreak is just as important as cleanup. The training video informs workers of proper testing after an episode, ensuring open wounds are cared for and constant vigilance against all possible outbreaks are as key if not more so than cleaning techniques.


All workers particularly those with occupational exposure to pathogens

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • There's More To It
  • Exposure
  • Contamination
  • Infection

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