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Complacency In The Workplace: Sandy's Story

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There are inherent risks in every job, and as workers become used to doing their work they often stop thinking about safety. This safety training course tells the story of a young man, Butch, who was killed on the job because he didn’t take the necessary precautions while operating machinery.

Butch’s tragic story is told by his mother Sandy, his best friend Chuck, and Reine, a supervisor. Viewers learn Butch went to work on a machine that wasn’t properly tagged out, and was killed as a result of the oversight. Ironically, he had just come from a safety meeting about lock out/tag out. This course illustrates what can happen if we let our minds wander, and emphasizes the importance of staying focused while performing work.

Watch this video to see how crucial it is to keep our minds on what we’re doing.


All workers in every field

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Sandy's Story
  • Being Present and Mindful
  • Conclusion

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