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Mastery Training Content Network™

MasteryTCN™ is an alliance connecting employers to training resources. With a large variety of video-based e-learning materials and flexibility in how those courses are bundled, distributed and sold, MasteryTCN enables state-of-the-art professional development programs.

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Channel Partners

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When you become a MasteryTCN channel partner, your company gains an additional source of revenue and customer loyalty. You can offer the versatile and comprehensive MasteryTCN library of video-based, e-learning content to your customers on a model of your choice, free of administrative burdens typical to other reseller relationships.

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Content Partners

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Partnering with MasteryTCN for content distribution is a way to place your content in front of an audience of millions of employees across regions and industries. We are always adding to our lineup of top training partners to provide courses that suit customers' diverse content needs.

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Corporate E-Learning and Professional Development Courses for Businesses

Organizations require top-quality contributions from all employees at all levels to reach their potential, but it's difficult to build the ideal mix of technical "hard skills" or interpersonal "soft skills" simply through hiring. Those facts taken together demonstrate the value of professional development programs. Training content networks, such as MasteryTCN, deliver the wide range of educational materials employers are looking for.

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What Makes a Great Corporate Training Library?

To maximize the benefits of professional development content for your organization, you should ensure your e-learning library is built on MasteryTCN's standardized courseware platform, delivering the following advantages:

  • ● Comprehensiveness: For simplicity's sake, it pays to only work with one online learning provider. MasteryTCN offers a truly comprehensive lineup of e-learning materials across verticals and roles relevant to your business.
  • ● Consistency: If the layouts and features of video-based e-learning content you serve to employees are all different, using the materials may be confusing. MasteryTCN standardizes video courseware to ensure every piece of content gives the same experience.
  • ● Cross-platform accessibility: E-learning should operate on all platforms. MasteryTCN content works across desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets, so all relevant employees can work with their courses on the devices they choose and prefer

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Why Invest in Corporate Training and Professional Development?

Every section of an organization and each role within those departments has its own unique lineup of abilities and competencies required for better performance, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and more. Among the advantages of having a well-trained workforce include:

● Build both hard and soft skills: Instead of settling for a long and costly job search or accepting subpar results from workers, companies can invest in relevant professional development courses to fill in skill gaps and create well-rounded employees within their teams.

● Generate value for the whole organization: From keeping the organization compliant with the law and avoiding fines to producing more and better work in a given day, training prepares workers to deliver more for their companies

● Give employees what they want: Staff members at all levels may be happy to have access to optional, self-directed online courses, whether they're working on niche skills for future roles or dealing with everyday competencies.

Customer Testimonials

For small businesses, meeting regulatory training requirements can be a scheduling nightmare. Optimum’s partnership with MasteryTCN allows us to bring the convenience and accessibility of online training, typically only available to large companies, to all of our clients, regardless of size. Joshua Ruedin Optimum Safety Management

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