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Winter Walking: Staying On Your Feet

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Winter and snow can be beautiful but dangerous. Snow, slush and ice often causes slips and falls, but it doesn’t have to. This video shows the basic steps one needs to become a safe winter walker.

From wearing shoes with better traction to taking slower steps, this training video covers it all. The viewer is also shown new techniques to avoid slippery spots in the winter. There are different devices to attach to your footwear to make it easier to walk in the snow. On slippery surfaces, it’s important to adjust our feet so they are flat. This video also makes it clear balance is critical to walking comfortably in the winter. Additionally, winter hazards such as ice and snowy banks are discussed and safety tips are demonstrated.

This training is a must for anyone working in a snowy environment. A short quiz follows the training video to ensure the viewer has understood all key concepts.


Those working in areas affected by winter weather.

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Winter Walking Basics
  • Winter Walking Techniques
  • Effects of Weather and Environment
  • In Case of a Fall

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