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Customer Service Gone Viral

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16 to 26 minutes
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Customers used to only tell a few friends about their experiences, but now reviews are posted all over the internet. The only thing more damaging than one negative review is many. This training video discusses how to interact with customers to ensure they have a great experience with your company.

By looking out for the customer, the business is saying they value and are looking out for their experience. This is particularly important with viral videos today. By showcasing the importance of customer interactions, this training video reiterates how customers are the reason businesses stay in business. Customers also like to be heard, and this video discusses how listening is an active and not passive experience. Communication is essential; by showing the customer you are listening, you are confirming your understanding of their material.

Use this training for customer service course representatives or for anyone who interacts with customers. An interactive quiz follows this training video to ensure the viewer understands all information.


Those working in a customer service position.

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Cutting Corners
  • The Invisible Customer
  • Are You With Me?
  • It's Not My Problem
  • Service Delayed
  • I'm Right, You're Wrong
  • Review

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