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Forklift Operator Safety: Handle with Care

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When it comes to operating forklifts, some of you may sit in the operator's chair for eight hours a day, while others may use a forklift only when something needs to be moved. Whatever the case may be, most of you have probably become pretty competent forklift drivers. However, after being familiar with equipment for so long, there is a tendency to get a little too comfortable. This is precisely when accidents occur, when we make assumptions about our abilities and take proper safety procedures for granted. In this training lesson, you will focus on four major techniques and rules of operation to help you raise the level of your forklift safety: inspection, stability, safe operation, and loading trucks and trailers.

In addition to these steps, there is another simple, yet vital, thing to do in order to make sure your workplace becomes safer: pay attention. Pay attention to structures, obstacles, traffic, potential hazards, as well as any individuals around you. Apply what you learn in this video and use those skills when you are in the operator's chair; forklifts are integral to making your work easier, but only you can make it safer.

Even if we've been performing well on the job for a long period of time, we may start to lose focus on the task at hand precisely because we've done it so many times. That is why everyone needs to be occasionally reminded about proper safety procedures. With this On Demand video, you will receive the training and information needed to ensure your forklift operation meets a consistently high standard of safety, thus creating a safer work environment for both you and your coworkers.


All forklift operators

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Inspection
  • Stability
  • Safe Operation
  • Refueling and Recharging
  • Trucks and Trailers
  • Conclusion

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