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Protecting Your Knees

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How often in a work day, do you think about the use of your knees? You are using them more than you think, and the risk of injuring them is greater than you think. This training teaches employees about the function of the knee, it’s ligaments and how each element helps your knee move.

This training shows the anatomy of the knee, how each ligament works to provide normal movement and what causes knee injuries on the job. Employees also learn the steps necessary to ensure that your knees are properly protected, including how to stretch and strengthen the muscles supporting the knee.

With this course, your employees learn the importance of stretching on and off the job to strengthen the use of your knees. By training your knees and taking heed to the instructions of one’s doctor, your employee can help prevent on the job injuries and keep their knees safe for years to come.


All Employees

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • How Your Knee Works
  • Causes of Knee Injuries and Prevention
  • Other Prevention Strategies and Exercises
  • Conclusion

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