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Customer Service: Understanding the Customer's View

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This Video On Demand uses the humorous, personal experiences of the narrator, Cliff, to present examples of poor customer service in multiple environments. While the video is aimed at younger customer service representatives, its entertaining lessons apply to those of all ages. Cliff's interactions with service personnel from restaurants, banks, big box stores, department stores and the hospitality industry depict common and irritating shortcomings of customer service interactions.

The video training emphasizes the need to treat customers with respect, be sincere and friendly, and to help problem solve. Takeaways from this entertaining video includes the importance of acknowledging the customer, maintaining neatness, always putting people first, solving the customer's problem, being sincere, saying “You're Welcome,” and thanking customers for their patronage.

Poor customer service is the main reason businesses lose patrons, and word of bad service travels fast. This video puts the viewer in the customer's shoes and effectively demonstrates what poor service looks like and how to deliver good, friendly service.


Customer service representatives engaging in face-to-face service

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Who is a Customer?
  • Customer Expectations
  • Good Customer Service
  • Conclusion

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