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Orientation: Successful Workplace Behaviors

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This comprehensive orientation training is a great way to begin employment, regardless of your industry. The course is divided into four interrelated sections designed to establish acceptable workplace behavior and guidelines. The value in this program is evident from the start.

Participants are guided through four sections: Mindset, focusing on managing thoughts and actions; Co-Workers, demonstrating how to treat others in the way you like to be treated; You and Management, learning how to show management you want to succeed; and You and the Organization, understanding your impact on the entire company. Each section is comprised of six behaviors that are presented and explained in a direct, but friendly tone. Each behavior underscores the importance of starting and staying on a positive path of employment.

Starting a new job usually comes with some anxiety. When employers provide a standard for expected behavior from day one, it helps to alleviate anxiety and prepares employees for success and continued employment.


All new hires

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Mindset
  • Co-workers
  • You and Management
  • You and the Organization
  • Conclusion

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