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Deadly Contract: Explosion During Disposal of Fireworks

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Chemical Safety Board

This video, originally produced by the Chemical Safety Board, discusses the deadly hazards associated with disposing of confiscated or dysfunctional fireworks, for which there are no industry or federal guidelines. It discusses the need for a thorough hazard analysis of processes used to dispose of fireworks. A case study of a fatal, massive explosion at DEI, a Hawaiian company contracted to dispose of fireworks, shows how missteps can lead to a deadly mishap.

It explains the National Fire Protection Association’s recommendations to discourage the disassembly of fireworks as a method of disposal and minimize the accumulation of explosive material, as well as other recommendations to align fireworks disposal with other best practices in hazardous waste handling.

A brief review tests the viewer’s understanding of the main points. This video is appropriate to give anyone working with fireworks or responsible for storing or disposing of them an appreciation for the safety procedures they need to follow.


Employees of fireworks disposal contractors

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Incident Overview - DEI Corporation
  • Operations Background
  • Sequence of Events
  • Industry Standards and Oversights
  • Recommendations
  • Conclusion
Intended Performance Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course you will be better prepared to:
  • Advocate (support) the need for strong process safety practices for commercial grade fireworks disposal.
    • Acknowledge that deficiencies in industry standards and work practices contributed to the contraband fireworks explosion at DEI.
    • Recognize what strong process safety practices would have accomplished.
    • Agree to report any unsafe workplace conditions or practices.

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