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Keeping Your Customers Informed

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Research shows without good customer communication, one customer’s isolated problem evolves into multiple problems. This course teaches those who communicate with customers how to prevent that from happening.

Showing how neglecting or misinforming a customer leads to the loss of the customer, this course demonstrates how to respond and communicate with customers who have a problem or an issue. By learning how to prevent or alleviate a customer’s stress level upon making an inquiry or reporting a problem, learners gain insight and instruction for how to maintain positive, productive communication with the customer and convert their dissatisfaction or frustration into to satisfaction and loyalty.

Present this course so all customer service employees know how to convert customers with a problem into loyal ambassadors.


Employees whose job responsibilities include addressing customer problems and complaints

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Importance Of Customer Updates
  • Handling Low Hanging Fruit
  • No News Is Still News
  • Recap

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