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Office Ergonomics

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Office work has been known to lead to many neck, back, and wrist injuries on account of people sitting at their desks all day. Moving more, taking care of oneself, and maintaining an ergonomic work setup helps prevent injury and stress on the job. Use this online course to promote a more comfortable, efficient, and injury-free work environment.

This course discusses ergonomic injuries and how they can occur immediately and over time. It also discusses ways in which to set up your desk space correctly to avoid these injuries. Tips are provided for stretching and reducing stress. Lastly, this training promotes an overall healthy lifestyle as the key to preventing stress and injury.

When the items we use every day don’t “fit” us, it can put unnecessary tension on our bodies, mentally and physically. This training program reminds employees of injuries that can occur when proper ergonomic practices are ignored. Use this course to help your office staff understand what ergonomic injuries are and how to prevent them every day.


All employees who work at a desk for most of their work

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Understanding Ergonomic Injuries
  • Your Ergonomic Desktop
  • Maintaining Neutral Positions
  • Staying Limber
  • Going Beyond Traditional Ergonomics
  • Conclusion

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