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Tuberculosis in the Healthcare Environment

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Tuberculosis is still of great concern throughout the world. Each year, it’s estimated at least a million people contract this highly infectious disease. The course is aimed at health care professionals and their close contacts.

This course discusses the way TB spreads and the associated risks in health care environments. The course covers how to fight the spread of TB and how to reduce risks through medical surveillance, engineering controls, and wearing respirators. Finally, the course details how to work with and treat patients with the active disease.

Use this course among your health care staff, especially those who are prone to encounter highly infectious or contagious diseases like tuberculosis.


This course is geared toward those who work in health care settings, such as hospitals and other areas where they could encounter contagious/infectious diseases like tuberculosis.

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • The Resurgence of Tuberculosis
  • How TB Spreads and Guidelines for Fighting It
  • TB Risks in Healthcare Environments
  • Reducing Risk: Medical Surveillance
  • Reducing Risk: Engineering Controls
  • Reducing Risk: Wearing A Respirator
  • Working with and Treating Active TB
  • Conclusion

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