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Emotional Intelligence and Optimal Performance

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This training focuses on understanding emotional intelligence, and how employees can optimize their own emotional intelligence to better work with others.

The course demonstrates strategies for doing this through managing stress, regulating emotions, and responding empathically to others. Not picking up other’s stress, but relating to them and listening helps a person to not be effected directly by the stress or “pick up the stress” from another person.

This course demonstrates how employees can use their emotional intelligence to manage stress and improve workplace relationships.


People in a team work environment

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Learning Emotional Intelligence
  • Step 1: Promoting Awareness
  • Step 2: Self-regulate Your Nervous System
  • Step 3: Challenge Negative Thoughts and Worries
  • Step 4: Recover Quickly From an Emotional Episode
  • Step 5: Respond Empathically
  • Conclusion

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