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The Seven Keys to a Positive Mental Attitude

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Attitude is 100% up to you which means you can be joyful every day. A positive outlook can greatly impact how you view the world and how the world views you. This online training video explores the advantages gained when you adopt a positive mental attitude.

This video training inspires learners to be optimistic regardless of the challenge being faced. Seven critical components of maintaining a positive attitude are demonstrated, including:

  1. Choose Your Attitude in Advance
  2. Visualize Success
  3. Demonstrate Humor, Energy and Enthusiasm
  4. Resist Negative Influences
  5. Be a “Whatever It Takes ” Person
  6. Embrace Change-Expect It and Accept It
  7. Be Grateful for What You Have

Learners are left with a clear understanding of how to claim a positive mental attitude, how to avoid falling prey to negativity and most important, how to be happy where ever they are.


All those interested improving their general business skills by adopting a positive mental attitude

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Choose Your Attitude in Advance
  • Visualize Success
  • Demonstrate Humor, Energy and Enthusiasm
  • Resist Negative Influences
  • Be a Whatever It Takes Person
  • Embrace Change: Expect It and Accept It
  • Be Grateful for What You Have
  • Review

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