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Professional Excellence

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Whether you are an emerging young professional just entering the workforce, or a seasoned veteran with decades of work experience, there is never a bad time to brush up on professional interpersonal skills for work. This course shows learners the various social situations any working adult will inevitably face at some point during his or her career, no matter the line of work.

This course shows professional and unprofessional behavior in a number of social situations at work, even the uncomfortable, like gossip at work and its negative implications. Other situations include using the Internet and email at work, networking, exchanging business cards, meetings, the use of speakerphone and many other circumstances many of us are all too familiar with for better or for worse.

Utilize this course with employees at all levels of your organization to help individuals grow and improve their professional demeanor and presentation.


All employees

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • What (Not) To Talk About At Work!
  • Shouting, Rampant Negativity, And Other Terrible Ideas!
  • Gossip: For People Who Don't Want Friends
  • Meetings Aren't Actually For Texting Sorry!
  • How To Use The Internet For Good And Not Evil
  • How To Use Email So That People Don't Want To Hurt You
  • The Speakerphone: Why Talk When Shouting Will Do!
  • Various Ways To Succeed (And Fail) At Introductions
  • How To Shake Someone's Hand
  • Meeting Groups Of People
  • Exchanging Business Cards, Following Up, And Networking Events

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