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Bounce Back From Failure

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People make mistakes at work and in their personal lives. It is important to learn from failures in order to move forward. With a few simple methods, disappointment can turn into success by bouncing back from a failure. This training explores some great examples and best practices of how one can learn from mistakes and failures.

This course discusses the differences between failures at the tactical and goal levels. It also reviews how to own and investigate failures using the 5 Why Technique. Viewers learn how to make a successful recovery from a failure and how to value small wins to gain back confidence.

Overall, this course teaches employees how to move on from failures by showing them how to learn from their mistakes.


All employees

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Turn Disappointment into Success
  • Tactics vs. Goals
  • Own It
  • Investigate It
  • Avoid the Success Trap
  • Take Inventory
  • You Will Recover
  • One More Thing

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