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Employee Motivation: Leading And Managing Effective Virtual Teams

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The global expansion of many organizations along with technical developments has led to an increase in virtual employment. Professionals are often able to fulfill their job responsibilities while working from remote locations. This course trains leaders on the effective management of virtual teams.

Viewers are taught how to establish requirements, build mutual trust, and communicate frequently with teams that work offsite. At the start of every project it’s crucial for a manager to share with everyone on the team what is required, and why. Norms, procedures, and expectations will keep a project on track and must be clearly defined.

This course teaches the importance of behaving in ways that make a manager trustworthy and shows how to build trust among team members. For example, setting up virtual office hours lets everyone know the availability of the manager, as well as each team member. Another way to foster trust is by encouraging members to get to know one another both personally, as well as professionally.

Viewers also learn how vital it is for the team to communicate regularly and are shown ways to accomplish this.

Take this course to learn how to become a more effective virtual team manager.


Everyone who leads a virtual team

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Establish Requirements
  • Build Trust With Your Virtual Team
  • Communicate Frequently
  • Summary

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